Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 6

the other side of paris
The car was parked in the parking lot of a high-end restaurant.
Qian Yu pushed open the car door and got out of the car with a frown. Qian Yu has always disliked high-end restaurants. In this gorgeous place, everyone is dressed brightly and charmingly, but she looks so abrupt and disharmonious.
But Xueli refused to get out of the car for a long time, and Qianyu looked at Xueli who refused to come out of the car in puzzlement. Xu Yao ignored Shirley in the car and walked straight away. Seeing that Qian Yu was still in place, Xu Yao shouted in displeasure: "Hurry up!"
"But..." Qian Yu originally wanted to say that Xue Li hadn't come out yet, but Xu Yao turned around and locked her face with cold eyes, Qian Yu was too scared to speak. Afraid of death, he obediently ran towards Xu Yao.
The waiter came over to greet Xu Yao, and then led them to a seat by the window. Sitting by the window, the night outside the window was charming, and the indoor player played soothing light music. Xu Yao took the menu to order, and spoke in a foreign language that Qian Yu couldn't understand, she seemed embarrassed.
"If it's not enough, we'll order it." Xu Yao said suddenly.
"No need!" Qian Yu blushed and said hastily. He doesn't think he eats a lot just because he's fat, does he? She eats like a normal person, but absorbs it better than normal. For this, she is very helpless.
"Well... it's not good to leave her in the car alone?" Qian Yu asked tentatively. It wouldn't be so embarrassing if Shirley was here. She disliked being alone with him very much.
"She doesn't want to come down, and I can't help it."
"Pretty girls need to be coaxed. You spoke too aggressively to her just now, and she should have been frightened. As long as you speak softly to her, I think she will come down."
"I just hate women!" Xu Yao stared at her displeasedly and said coldly. Qian Yu lowered her head in fear, stared at the tablecloth, and dared not speak again.
"There is a constant order in my life: work first, which accounts for more than 90% of my brain; women second. Although work is very important, I can't relax without women. However, I hate self-righteous Women. Women who don't know how to please men are even more disgusted!"
Pervert, if anyone falls in love with you, they will be unlucky for eight lifetimes. As Qian Yu thought about it in her heart, Xu Yao suddenly stood up, cupped her face, and kissed her.
"So...don't trouble me!" Xu Yao let go of her and said with a smile. Qian Yu's sad tears swirled in her eyes, but she tried her best not to let them flow out. what is this? What are you? Too much!
"I want to go back..."
"Go back after eating!" Xu Yao ordered. Qian Yu looked at the cold-blooded guy opposite in surprise, he had no love in his heart.
Numbly cutting the steak with a knife and fork, she didn't like it very much. I am not used to using the knife and fork, the steak is too raw, and when I push hard in annoyance, a whole piece of steak will slide down on the table. Qian Yu looked helplessly, not knowing what to do.
Xu Yao snapped his fingers at the waiter and ordered another serving. Then, he put his sliced steak in front of Qianyu, and thoughtfully poured her a glass of wine.
Qian Yu began to eat unceremoniously, then picked up the wine in the glass and drank it down.
"I'm done eating, I'm leaving first!" After finishing speaking, before Xu Yao could answer, he wanted to run away again. But Xu Yao was experienced, how could he let her run away so easily, grabbed her wrist, and beckoned her to sit down. Seeing his sinister eyes, Qian Yu obediently returned to her seat.
"Well... when can I leave? I haven't finished my homework today?" Qian Yu asked softly.
"Didn't finish your homework? It just so happens that I'm free today, so I'll tutor you." Qian Yu really wanted to bite her tongue off when she heard what he said.
God, he really eats slowly. After finally waiting for him to finish eating and pay the bill, Qian Yu heaved a sigh of relief. When I see him again in the future, I will run as far as I can.
"Get out of the car!" Xu Yao sat back in the car and said sharply to Xue Li who was sobbing softly. Shirley opened the car door sadly, stopped a taxi and left crying.
"Sit up front." Qian Yu obediently got off the stage, then got into the car, took a seat, and fastened her seat belt.
"Very obedient! I like it very much!"
I don't care if you like it or not, I don't want to die, that's why I'm so obedient. Qian Yu was thinking in her heart, but her face still had a submissive expression.
The car was speeding on the road, but the scenery was wrong. "This is not the way to my house."
"I didn't say I was going to your house." Xu Yao gave her a funny look.
"Then where is it?"
"My family will look for me."
"Your family wishes you to disappear completely, right?" Qian Yu stared at his pretty profile with displeasure, how could he know. Being trampled on in pain, Qian Yu was very angry and frustrated.
"What do you want to do to me?"
"What do you say?"


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