Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 5

Jogging all the way to school, Qian Yu panted happily as she watched the door close behind her. Sitting on the seat by the window, Qian Yu began to imagine. She is in the third year of high school this year, and her homework is not good, so she will not be able to enter the university. She has almost nothing but piano and acting.
"Students, we have a new student in our class today: Shirley. Shirley transferred from the United States, do you want to help her?" The teacher introduced a beautiful woman of mixed race.
"Hello everyone, I'm Shirley, please take care of me!" Shirley glanced at the students with her beautiful eyes, then smiled and bowed.
"It's so beautiful! Like a doll!" The students admired sincerely. Qian Yu also widened her eyes, looking at the beautiful mixed-race girl in front of her in disbelief.
"Xue can do it next to Qian Yu!" The teacher smiled, pointed to the only seat in the classroom, and said to Xue Li. Xue Li nodded slightly, and gracefully walked to Qian Yu's side. Qian Yu's whole body was tense, and she sat there stiffly.
"Hello!" Shirley greeted her deskmate with a smile.
"Hi, my name is Lin Qianyu." Seeing her outstretched hand, Qianyu held it in fear. Feel like a princess.
After finishing speaking, he took out his English textbook and listened to the class carefully. But Qian Yu hadn't woken up from the astonishment just now.
After finally making it to the end of get out of class, Qian Yu let out a long sigh of relief. What a shame, Shirley was sitting next to her, making her so nervous that she didn't dare to vent her nerves.
Walking leisurely on the way home alone, looking at the river and the scattered clouds in the sky, sometimes being alone also has the fun of being alone.
"Hello..." The car stopped in front of her, and her new classmate Shirley poked her head out and happily called to Qian Yu.
"Okay, I didn't expect to meet you here."
"Ah... I'm going home." Qian Yu said shyly.
"Let's go have a big meal." Xue Li winked playfully at Qian Yu, and pulled her into the car without any objection. Qian Yu sighed helplessly, she was indeed a spoiled princess, and she didn't even think about whether others would like it or not.
"Long time no see!" The familiar male voice in the driver's seat almost made Qian Yu's heart jump out. Qian Yu followed the prestige in surprise, and it turned out to be that perverted uncle: Xu Yao!
"You guys know each other?" Shirley looked at the faint smile on Xu Yao's face in surprise, and the gentle expression on his face was as cold as frost in an instant. Qian Yu suddenly felt very cold.
"do not know!"
"It counts!"
The two contradictory answers made Shirley even more suspicious that the relationship between the two was extraordinary. Shirley came here for Xu Yao. She liked him, since she was a child. In order to be worthy of him, she demanded that she must be perfect since she was a child.
"What type of boys does Qian Yu like?"
"Ah?" Xue Li's jumping question caught Qian Yu off guard and didn't react for a while. Shyly lowering her head, Qian Yu twisted her pants tightly with both hands, what type do you like? What type of boys should like her ugly girl.
She likes Junxi's type, but she can't say it. It must be ridiculed.
"I like Brother Xuyao's type. Mature, stable, and capable..." Qianyu was easily lost in her own thoughts, so she didn't listen carefully to what Shirley said just now. It seems that he likes Brother Xu Yao. Brother Xu Yao, it should be the uncle.
"Qian Yu, did you listen to me?" Xue Li looked at Qian Yu in displeasure. Qian Yu looked apologetically at the angry and beautiful Xue Li, and said lightly, "I don't like older ones."
"So you like younger ones?" Xu Yao, who had been silent in the front seat, asked suddenly.
"You like Junxi?"
"Ah?" Qian Yu was flustered after being told what was on his mind. She never told anyone, how could he know?
"I don't like Junxi. It's too feminine!" Shirley interrupted, temporarily resolving Qian Yu's predicament.
"Brother Xu Yao, I like you the most!" Xue Li hugged Xu Yao's neck from behind, rubbing against her like a kitten, and said coquettishly.
"If you don't want to die, sit in the back!" Leng Rushuang's voice came in a low voice, Qian Yu felt that the car had become very cold, and the hairs on her arms stood on end. Xue Li seemed to be used to it, stuck out her tongue at Xu Yao, and sat back with her lips pouted.
"Well... just drop me at the station." Qian Yu whispered when she saw the tense atmosphere in the car.
But no one answered her, Xu Yao drove the car very fast. Qian Yu then lowered her head, not daring to let out the air. When will she get rid of this low-pressure environment?


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