Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 4

"Pippi suits you very well!" Qianxue covered her mouth and smiled. Qian Yu hadn't changed out of her tattered performance costume yet, hearing her sister's half-sarcasm, half-praise tone, Qian Yu was ashamed.
He had been scolded by the teacher in the background just now, and now hearing the gloating look on his sister's face, Qian Yu was very depressed.
"Here you are, you did a great job!" Junxi held a bouquet of lilies and handed them to Qianyu. Qian Yu swept away the haze just now, and happily took the flowers.
"Do you really think my acting is good?" Qian Yu asked unconfidently.
"Qian Yu's performance can touch people's hearts!" Junxi smiled at her and said frankly. Qian Yu's moved tears welled up in her eyes.
"Look,'s Junxi..." The classmate ran over screaming when he saw the figures of Junxi and Qianxue. Qian Yu carefully held the lily, dodged it, and was finally pushed aside.
Seeing Junxi who was surrounded by the crowd and busy signing autographs, Qianyu thoughtfully held flowers, and left unhappy.
Walking along the embankment on the way home, the wind blows. Beep... A car sounded from behind, Qian Yu dodged to the side, but the sound of the car continued. Qian Yu stopped and looked at the people in the car.
"It's dangerous for a girl to walk at night!" Xu Yao opened the car door and came to Qian Yu.
"The road is not safe, but the people are very safe!" Qian Yu said self-deprecatingly. After speaking, holding the lily in his hand, he wanted to leave.
"Are you so inferior?" Xu Yao said displeased.
"Is there anything I can be proud of?"
"You are the woman I like, you should be proud of that!" Xu Yao pulled her into his arms and said angrily. He hated her belittling himself. When will she find herself shining on the stage so that people can't take their eyes off.
"You're blind!" Qian Yu said viciously. After speaking, I immediately regretted keeping silent. When did she say that. He has always been cautious and submissive.
"Haha... I'm not blind, it's someone else's." Qian Yu looked up in surprise, and found that he was not angry, and seemed very happy. Happy?
"Congratulations, you performed very well today! On stage, you are like a star in the dark night, heart-breaking!"
"Thank you!" Qian Yu pushed him away and thanked hurriedly. Then escape... Lily petals floated along the wind, Xu Yao stretched out his hand, and the petals slowly fell into the palm of his hand.
Smiling wryly, looking at her fleeing figure again, the petals in her hand were crushed by him.
"Qian Yu..." Seeing Qian Yu's fat body, mother frowned as if seeing something unclean.
"Mom..." Qian Yu came over and called softly.
"I heard that you participated in the school celebration performance today?"
"En! My sister told you?" Qian Yu asked anxiously. She didn't know what her sister said to her mother again. Anyway, there must be nothing good.
She remembers that when she was a child, her sister threw her into the trash can for an hour; she remembered that when she was a child, she called 110 and used her own name; she remembered that her sister fell in love with the police and left her in the suburbs...
"Don't show your face in public in the future, our Lin family's face has been humiliated by you. You don't think it's embarrassing to play such an ugly role, but I don't." Mom reprimanded sharply.
"But, I like acting." Qian Yu cried sadly. She likes it, very much. Even standing on the stage makes her blood boil and her heart surge.
"Acting? You're sorry. If you are so ugly, don't come out to be scary." Mom rubbed her temples with a headache, and frowned. If it wasn't for his daughter, he would have kicked her out a long time ago. Seeing such ugly things every day is simply hurting one's eyes.
Mama Lim lives in a perfect world. Almost all the people in the entertainment industry are beautiful, and even the servants at home can be regarded as outstanding. Only her daughter, she still couldn't understand how such an ugly daughter was born? Wrong? Impossible, at that time she was the only one in the hospital who gave birth to a child.
Qian Yu looked at her beautiful but indifferent mother, left with a headache, wiped the tears from her face, and walked towards her attic.
She has always been a humble existence. She is clearly the daughter of the Lin family, but she wants to call her an orphan from a distant relative.
Everything is because she is ugly!


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