Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 3

"Ka...Qianyu, you played Pippi so sad, how can other people play it? This drama is a comedy, not a tragedy!" The teacher yelled at Qianyu angrily.
"No, but. It will be staged the day after tomorrow. Follow the script." The teacher interrupted Qian Yu angrily, and ordered.
The first day of the school's 60th anniversary.
The school auditorium was already full of students. The first row is filled with school leaders and distinguished alumni. The chubby headmaster shouted into the microphone: "Students, please be quiet!"
The audience began to quiet down, listening intently to what the principal said. Usually he is not so obedient, but because of the face of outstanding alumni. Today not only came many stars from the film and television industry, but even the president of the "star-making" Shuiyan Cultural Foundation came. The headmaster looked excitedly at Xu Yao, who had always kept a low profile, so readily agreed to come to the school's celebration. His heart was no less moved than the students screaming in the audience.
"...Thank you very much for coming. First of all, we welcome an outstanding alumnus of our school: President Ouyang Xuyao of the Shuiyan Cultural Foundation."
Xu Yao stood up and waved to the juniors behind him. A thunderous roar erupted in the venue instantly.
"So handsome. I didn't expect him to be so young."
"Yeah, I thought it was an uncle. Does it look a few years older than us?"
"Almost all idol stars come from the Shuiyan Cultural Foundation. If I become his girlfriend, wouldn't it mean that I can also be promoted as an idol star?"
"You're so stupid. It's so hard to be his girlfriend and also to be an actor. The Shuiyan Cultural Foundation monopolizes the cultural industry in the country. Museums, art centers, film and television companies, record companies, theaters... as long as you have a baby at home OK."
The girls below have already exploded. When the boys saw the excited girls in the discussion, they sighed why they were not girls.
"Quiet... This is the popular singer Lan Junxi..." Before the principal could finish his introduction, the screams were already deafening. Qian Yu secretly looked at Junxi in the background, her cheeks were flushed. She has had a crush on Junxi, who is as elegant as a prince, since she was a child.
However, she can only like silently. She has no right to like him...
"It's okay, I'm very happy to be able to look at him silently." Qian Yu, who hadn't seen Junxi for a long time, comforted herself. Looking at the tattered and dirty clothes on her body, Qian Yu hesitated. She was already ugly enough, but she really didn't want him to see her like this.
Leaning sadly against the wall, he sighed.
"The next one is Lin Qianxue from an acting family..." Sister? My sister is here too. Qian Yu thought worriedly in her heart. Seeing her performance, I don't know how I will talk to my mother and laugh at myself again.
"Are you ready? It's time to go on stage, please get ready." The teacher urged the actors backstage.
"Ready!" Everyone said in unison.
"Qianyu, pay attention to your character's personality. Your task is to make the audience laugh!" the teacher reminded. Qian Yu silently nodded.
The play is just beginning.
The curtains were raised and the auditorium fell silent.
"This is the king's amnesty. Which girl is willing to marry this condemned prisoner?" When it was Qian Yu's turn to play, Qian Yu ran onto the stage and fell to the ground. "pain……"
"Idiot Pipi is here..."
"Ah? Are you calling me an idiot?" Qian Yu asked suspiciously, pointing at her nose blankly.
"Ah... what is an idiot? Is it the paper of rock-paper-scissors? Did the rock lose to the scissors?" Qian Yu asked the mocking crowd with blank eyes.
Everyone ignored Pippi's words, and the soldier continued: "This is an amnesty from abroad. Which girl is willing to marry this cruel death row prisoner? The king will immediately pardon his sins and save him from death."
"That... I'm willing to marry him. And you see I'm so ugly, and I'm an idiot." Pippi said slowly while holding the branch.
"Haha..." Everyone laughed.
"With the stupidest woman in the country..."
"With the stupidest woman in the country..."
"Marry the most ridiculous woman in the country..." Everyone laughed at Pippi. at this time
The condemned prisoner said angrily: "What are you talking about? Instead of letting me be with this embarrassing
I'd rather die than marry a woman like this! It's better to die! "
"That's right!"
"It's better to be dead!" The actors and the people in the audience roared with laughter. Next, Pippi should speak in a naughty and stupid tone. But no, it shouldn't be like this. Qian Yu's chest and heart were filled with enthusiasm for acting. She was no longer Qian Yu, but Pippi.
"Ah... I... so sad... so sad. I'm ugly, I'm stupid, I'm unbearable, and it's not my fault." Pippi said in pain, with trembling hands, touching her teary cheek.
Falling sadly to the ground, Pippi crawled towards the condemned prisoner, grabbed the hem of his clothes, and continued, "You...would you rather die than marry me and be saved?"
Pippi put his hand on the face of the condemned prisoner, with a sad expression on his face: "Do you really think that marrying me is worse than dying?"
"I hate..." The condemned prisoner shook off her. Pippi was thrown aside. She buried her face on the ground, crying uncontrollably.
woo woo...
"It's a pity that I volunteered to marry you... Huh..." Pippi said sadly while struggling to get up, and said to the audience with extremely sad eyes.
"I... I am used to being laughed at since I was born. But I have never encountered such an excessive thing... I really want to die... Why am I born?"
The curtain falls and opens again, and the actors take their bows. There was thunderous applause from the audience.
Qian Yu excitedly looked at the audience, her dark eyes were as bright as stars, and the happiness on her face fell into Xu Yao's eyes.
He smiled satisfiedly at Qian Yu on the stage, but found that her eyes fell on Jun Xi. The originally smiling face turned cold instantly, and he tightly held the arm of the chair with his hands.
Holding hands, holding back his anger, his eyes were tightly locked on Qian Yu who had low self-esteem but blinked dark eyes like a deer on the stage.


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