Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 2

Watching the fat figure leave, Xu Yao stroked his lips, thinking about it. It's a pity that no one is willing to stop in a hurry to pay attention to the soul hidden in the fat body.
Fortunately he found out. Hidden in her black eyes with sly eyes was a shining, heart-stirring beautiful figure.
He trotted all the way to his room in the attic, with his hands on his chest, his heart beating fast. Qian Yu's blushing cheeks still couldn't figure out what happened. It was obvious that he took advantage of her, but she, who was extremely inferior, never had the courage to slap him like other beautiful girls, and then angrily called him a hooligan!
She can't, she hasn't been qualified all along. For an ugly girl like her, if such a handsome man kisses her, she should be crying and grateful, but her heart is so sad.
Tears flowed down the fair skin, which has always been a humble existence.
school drama club
Qian Yu has always liked acting. Although she is not good at homework or sports, Qianyu loves drama very much and has a strong ability to imitate performances. As long as it is a play she has seen once, she can memorize all the lines.
""The Best Bride in the Country"..." The teacher sent each of them a script. Holding the script in his hand, Qian Yu read the name excitedly, and then carefully read the story.
The story is probably that once upon a time there was a prince in a country looking for a bride. Find a girl who is both beautiful in appearance and beautiful in heart from among the beauties all over the country. These girls have to undergo many tests. The last test was: the king decreed that whoever was willing to marry the very bad criminal could save him from death. Not only can his crimes be pardoned, but he can also be saved from death. Maria, who had passed many tests, finally decided to give up her position in order to save the life of the death row prisoner. Unexpectedly, this prisoner on death row was the prince. Because of her noble temperament and heart, Maria finally married the prince fortunately.
"Everyone be quiet, be quiet..." The teacher clapped his hands and shouted loudly.
"Everyone must have read the script once. This time the school celebrates its 60th anniversary, there will be well-known alumni coming, so everyone must prepare well, you know?"
"I'm very pleased to see that everyone is so enthusiastic. Now I will divide the roles. Princess Li Xue Maria; Prince Song Yu... Lin Qianyu Pipi! Now that the roles are assigned, everyone go back and memorize the lines. Rehearse the day after tomorrow!" Before the teacher said me, I started whispering below.
"Pippi's clown is really an ugly character. Even if I don't participate in it, I don't want to play that ugly character."
"Teacher, I'll play that role?" Qian Yu asked again unconfidently. Although I know that I will not be able to play the princess, but... I am very sad, feeling out of breath.
"That's right! The difficult role should be played by Qian Yu, who has good acting skills. Qian Yu, do you have any objections?"
"no no……"
Is it useful to have objections? No matter how much you struggle, how dissatisfied you are, the result is the same.
Walking home alone, Qian Yu was thinking about the role of the ugly girl Pipi. Ugly Pippi is a poor girl, stupid and ugly, wearing patched clothes.
"It's obviously a miserable girl, why did the teacher make it funny. If I were her, willing to marry a death row prisoner, but he would rather die than marry her, he would die of grief. How can he still laugh?"
I thought too deeply and bumped into something. Sure enough, he was as stupid and ugly as Pippi. Laughing at himself, he raised his head, only to find himself bumping into someone. And that person was the man who kissed him that night.
"'The Best Bride in the World'..." Xu Yao picked up the script that fell on the floor, opened it and looked at it. Qian Yu covered her mouth in surprise and was speechless, but her face was already flushed. It was her first kiss and she couldn't forget it.
"What are you playing?" Xu Yao asked curiously.
"Pippi..." Qian Yu lowered her head and whispered. She thought he would laugh at her, but he didn't. He handed the script to Qian Yu, then smiled and said to her: "It's a difficult role. It's the most difficult role in this play. If it's played well, it will be more attractive than the protagonist; if it's not played well, it will be No one is paying attention anymore. So you have to understand Pippi's mood, personality, and heart."
"I'm looking forward to it!" After finishing speaking, he pecked at the corner of her lips again. Qian Yu stared at the strange man in front of her with wide eyes.
"I like fat girls!" Xu Yao read the doubt in her eyes and replied. After finishing speaking, he walked away.
"It really is a perverted uncle!" Qian Yu stroked the corner of her mouth, looked at his tall and straight figure, and said unconsciously. Hearing her words, Xu Yao stopped and smiled faintly at her.
Qian Yu ran away in fear...
"Run away again... Am I that scary?" Xu Yao smiled wryly and returned to the car. Looking at the direction in which she disappeared in the rear mirror, he froze for a moment.
He didn't understand when his workaholic self cared so much about a girl. If you let your friends know that he kissed an ugly and fat woman, I don't know how they will laugh at him. But if they dare to laugh at her, he will definitely make them look good!
ugly? If you lose weight, it will be beautiful. Especially those black eyes.
"Lin Qianyu..." Xu Yao softly called her name in the car.


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