Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 1

Brilliant and bright lights make this luxury villa in the middle of the green lawn extra dazzling. As soon as you enter the uniquely designed hall, you can see beautifully dressed women and handsome men in suits and leather shoes shuttling in the luxuriously decorated grand banquet hall; flowers, food, beauties, everything complements each other like that.
This is a private birthday party held by the Lin family for their beloved daughter Lin Qianxue, but Lin Yirong and his wife's special identities - famous movie stars who have been active on the screen for more than 20 years and created countless classic screen images, made this party a very special one. It became a public feast.
Lin Qianyu, the youngest daughter of the Lin family. But to the outside media, she is an orphan from a distant relative of the Lin family. With their outstanding appearance, they couldn't accept the reality of having an ugly daughter; they couldn't accept the surprised eyes of the public.
What does Lin Qianyu look like? She is fat! If a person is fat, there is no need to describe the facial features in detail.
The banquet hall was overcrowded, and Qian Yu's head felt dizzy from the reporter's flashing lights. Due to the shortage of manpower, Qian Yu became the hostess of course. With a fat body, holding a tray, we shuttled through the crowd, and people cast disgusted looks at this fat girl from time to time. Qian Yu lowered her head, trying not to look at them.
"Ah..." The tray fell to the ground, and the wine in the tray splashed on a man. Qian Yu looked up and saw a man with high eyebrows, clear eyes, straight nose bridge, sexy thin lips, and his whole face was both beautiful and cold. Especially the cold light from those pure black eyes made Qian Yu lower her head in fear.
"Won't you say you're sorry?" came the man's cold voice.
"Yes... I'm sorry..." Qian Yu said hurriedly, her body trembling. Tears welled up in fear. I don't know what my mother will say later that she is clumsy, and she can't even do this kind of thing well.
"Really sorry!"
"I'm sorry? Is it useful to say sorry? If it is useful, what do you want the police to do?" the man said with a cold snort. At this moment, the eyes of the guests at the banquet moved to their side. Qian Yu really wanted to find a hole in the ground and get into it.
"Xuyao... I'm sorry, I will teach Qianyu a lesson later." Qianyu's mother, a movie star who was so popular in the Asian circle back then, is still in good condition even though she is getting old. . The years seemed to have failed to leave marks on her face.
"Why are you standing there, clean up quickly!" Mrs. Lin said sharply to Qian Yu who was standing there. Seeing her ugly figure, Mrs. Lin clutched her temples with a headache. She still couldn't figure out how she had such an ugly daughter.
"Xu Yao is here, go to the room and change clothes." The two walked away while talking. Everyone's eyes finally left Qian Yu. Qian Yu let out a long breath of relief from her nervous heart.
"Next, Ms. Lin Qianxue, will present you with a piano piece composed by myself: Little Raindrops!" After the master of ceremonies finished speaking, a beautiful woman in a tight black dress with a lily pinned to her chest slowly walked onto the stage. . Her long flowing hair trembled with her graceful steps.
She is the eldest daughter of the Lin family. A new star in the entertainment industry, a "perfect woman" who is loved by thousands of people and has no flaws.
"So beautiful! Beautiful face, perfect body and talent. I'm so jealous..."
"I heard that she won't gain weight no matter what she eats. You don't know that I paid the price of blood and tears in order to lose weight."
She is the focus of people, the brightest star in the night sky, making everything dull and breathtaking. But her essence, only Qian Yu in this world knows.
She sat down slowly, put her hands on the black and white keys, and glanced at everyone. The beautiful melody captured people's hearts.
Qian Yu sighed again when she heard the sound of the piano in the room, she wrote the little raindrop. But everyone will not believe the words of an ugly girl. My mother often said that if a woman is beautiful, she is beautiful even if she cries; but if she is ugly, if she cries, it will only annoy others.
She has a deep understanding, so she doesn't cry in front of everyone.
The fat hands were placed on the balcony platform, imagining it as black and white piano keys, and the hands began to dance happily on it. The corners of her mouth were raised slightly, and with her eyes closed, Qian Yu really heard the melody dancing in her hands.
After finishing the song, Qian Yu lowered her hands. Hearing the sound of applause from behind, Qian Yu couldn't help being startled, and hurriedly looked around, only to see the cold and handsome man named Xu Yao leaning against the wall, looking at her playfully.
"It feels like you wrote the song." Xu Yao slowly approached her. Qian Yu wrung her hands nervously, her palms began to sweat. She is not good at dealing with people, especially the man in front of her. He oppressed her!
"I still have to help, I'm leaving first..." Qian Yu made an excuse and wanted to escape. Xu Yao pulled her arm, and the two froze there.
Xu Yao didn't know why he was interested in a fat girl. He was indifferent to how many women threw themselves into his arms, but this woman with star-like black eyes in front of him made his heart fluctuate strangely.
" you have anything?" Qian Yu wanted to shake off his hand, but he didn't let it go. Then something happened that made Qian Yu even more astonished.
Taking advantage of her inattention, Xu Yao quickly kissed her lips, and at the same time took advantage of the moment when she opened her mouth wide in surprise, slipped her tongue in and touched her soft tongue... It was just a mischievous kiss , Xu Yao found that he was reluctant to leave her lips.
The sudden hot kiss made Qian Yu stunned, her two strong arms held her tightly and she couldn't resist at all, but the more they moved, the closer they were to his fiery chest. The wide open eyes showed his handsome and cold face, and the tip of his tall nose gently touched her cheek.
Seeing that she forgot to breathe, and her blushing cheeks were suppressed, he let her go with satisfaction.
Qian Yu was about to run away in a panic, but he grabbed her hand again and said bewitchingly, "Remember: you are mine!"


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